Baby and Little Sitters 

"Every Child is a different kind of flower and all together they make this world a beautiful garden!"

Baby and Little Sitters Photography Experience

 From the moment they are born you start to see your little one grow.  It is true that in the first year of life your baby will change daily.  Even though I love the Newborn stage I absolutely adore seeing their beautiful personalities emerge and develop.


These sessions are perfectly for babies up to the age of five.  I welcome images with parents and siblings.  Sessions are always full of fun, smiles and giggles!   

Why would you want a photography session 
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It is true you can take photos yourself but I will work hard with you to capture and show case those special images that will capture those chubby little toes,  adorable baby rolls and cute squidgeness,  to the tops of their heads with all that soft, wispy baby hair. Those tiny moments when they discover their hands and feet, learn new skills on how to crawl, roll, sit and walk.


Each image will showcase their individual personality and character to allow you to have those cherished memories for ever.  

These sessions can be in the studio a outdoor location of your choice.  We can discuss this more at the time of booking.

What to expect on your photography session 

My aim is to ensure the session is as relaxed as possible.  The session can last up to one hour depending upon how your child and their needs on the day.  I wont rush or your little one and my aim is to ensure it is a valuable experience you will remember and cherish  but on average it takes roughly around two hours this ensures that we don’t rush you or your little one.  


I will work closely with you throughout, sometimes I’ll may ask you to get involved with helping me too, an extra pair of hands is always useful. Together we will create a stunning collection of beautiful photographs.   If your little one needs a feed in the middle of the session or need cuddles, it’s not a problem you can relax on the sofa to settle them.


Your babies comfort, safety  and well being, alongside yours, is of paramount importance to me throughout to ensure they are hydrated throughout the session.

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What to wear and can I bring props?
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It is a frequent question that I do get asked quite often.   I fully understand that this could be a dilemma especially as these images will be on display for many years to come so it really is worth giving some consideration to you choices of outfits.  

I have put some tips and ideas for you to:

  • First and foremost you should feel comfortable. Outdoor location shoots can be chilly or hot depending upon the time of year and weather.  Layers of clothing will help with this.  especially true for little ones.  

  • Choose clothes that are 'you, and your style'. It sounds obvious, but I want you to be comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot.

  • Avoid large logos, heavy branding and loud patterns to avoid distracting the eye from the main focus of the image your beautiful child.

  • I do have some props, to add to the image but I am open to your ideas to bring that indivduality to each image.  We can discuss this in more detail at the time of booking and up to the session itself.   I love to hear your suggestions to ensure we capture your own individual choices and preferences. 

After care

After your session I will get to work on selecting the best images from the day and retouch them as proofs for your viewing. This process takes approximately two weeks and I will contact you when they are ready.  This is the first time you will see your images after your session so I will invite you back into the studio in a relaxed, and stress free comfortable environment.  I will be on hand to assist and advice you on products available for you to display your images. I will also provide you with a unique, secure online gallery for you to view and share your images with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. 

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