Changes for practice during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Well I have certainly missed you all!

It has been quite a challenging time for us all and we all have been affected in some way by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Some things have been sad like not seeing my beautiful family and friends face to face, my daughter’s wedding being postponed and not being able to photograph beautiful families and tiny babies. 

On the plus side I have rediscovered nature in the garden and also in the local woodland, how time is so precious, value every minute you have with your family and friends and I have   revisited hobbies long forgotten. 


I have missed those times in the studio with all my beautiful families.  As restrictions have started to be lifted it means with real excitement I can start to create those beautiful images with you in the studio as well as on outside location.

I think we all have had to adapt and change many things we do in our lives as well as how we work in our professional lives.  To ensure I keep you safe I have made some big changes to the way I work during this pandemic.

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Changes I have made to keep you safe

For those beautiful clients who are waiting to book and wanting to book your newborn sessions I thought I would discuss how these new changes will affect you during your photography experience.  Each session will be risk assessed and I will ensure that the highest safety standards are in place when I am working with you.  During this time I have taken extra measures to ensure you safety with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic.  My aim is to keep you safe but to make the time with me relaxed and stress free as possible.

  • As you enter the building we have hand sanitiser available for your use before you enter the studio.

  • I will ask you to remove your shoes at the door of the studio prior to entering.

  • Inside the studio we have made sure there is lots of antibacterial hand sanitizer gels and wipes for use. 

  • The toilet areas will be well equipped with antibacterial wipes, paper hand towels, soap and hand sanitiser for your use. This area will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each session.

  • The studio and all pieces of the equipment within the studio including my camera will be disinfected before and after each session.

  • Props, linens and cottons will be washed after each use at 60 degrees. Delicate fabrics, headbands, teddies and soft props of materials that can’t be washed will be quarantined after each session for 72 hours to ensure safety.

  • I will only undertake one session a day and allow 72 hours between each session I undertake in the studio.

  • In the past my newborn sessions usually can last between 2 – 3 hours. It makes sense to lessen the risk by having less time in contact with your baby where possible so I have reduce the session to approximately 1 hour. Safety to me is most important so I will be also amending some of the poses for your baby photography and props I use. 

  • Throughout your session I will ensure that the risk of infection is kept to a minimum.  To enable this I will keep a safe distance and reduce the contact between you, your beautiful family and myself.  Therefore I will offer only simple posing rather than the more complex posing which requires refining and close contact.  Be reassured we can still create those beautiful images together. 

  • Unfortunately at this time I am unable to provide refreshments however please feel free to bring your own.

  • I will wear a mask whilst in the studio with you. if you want to wear a mask when I am not taking photographs of you then that is ok.

  • I do have gloves for use if necessary but as research shows washing and sanitising my hands will be more effective.  This is the method I will be using during the session.

  • I will send you a short health questionnaire for you to complete and return to me the night before your session regarding you and your family health relating to COVID-19.  I will also ask you to check your health and temperature on the day of the photography session.

  • I will monitor my own health prior to the session and inform parents if I or have been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 virus.

  • Sessions will be postponed if you or I have any of the symptoms of the virus at no extra cost to yourself.

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New way of working

Due to the size of the studio I am also only asking for the minimum of people to attend the studio at one time, we can discuss this when we plan your session together. 

For any maternity, sitters including cake smash sessions, I will be rearranging the studio to accommodate and ensure that so that I can keep my distance.  I will be giving parents directions to help me get your precious baby in the right spot and you will be able to change outfits as normal but please keep these to a minimum.  These sessions are also being offered on outside location as well in the studio.

Unfortunately at this time I will have to minimise the amount of people in the studio distancing from the parents will be tough enough to achieve in my small studio, but with toddlers it will simply not be possible. This may mean for the newborn session that including siblings in the session cannot happen at this time.  But all is not lost as I appreciate these are important memories to you therefore for this time I am willing to schedule an additional outdoor lifestyle mini session approximately 30 minutes at a location of choice or your own home garden where I can take those important images so you don’t miss out. 

I will of course still work with mum and dad to capture those important images in the studio with your new baby.

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How to view your beautiful images

My normal practice after the session is to invite you back to the studio at a later date to view your beautiful images, but to reduce the amount of people in the studio this will now change.

From this point on to view your images I will send you all the proofs electronically.  You will be able to view these images in the comfort of your home but to get the best quality I prefer that you view them on your tablet or computer for the full effect.


I am also willing to contact you via Zoom or Facetime to discuss your images and any products I offer to display your images.  My website does give examples of products I offer.  When you have chosen your images I will send them as a digital download, USB or prints via the post depending upon the product you choose.  This is again, to reduce the amount of visitors to the studio.

For any delicate items such as stunning wall art: canvas prints or frames I will hand deliver them to your home address at an arranged time to suit you, keeping a social distance of course.  If you do not have access to a computer then please let me know and I will work with you to view your images.

We can discuss the above during you photography session or later by phone or email.

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What will never change

It is with a heavy heart and after a lot of risk assessing I am sure that you will understand that I have had to make these changes to keep you safe as you are and always will be most important to me.  Therefore my promise is to you that I will work hard to ensure that your photography session will always be beautiful and a relaxed experience. I will strive to ensure that the service I provide will be of the same high quality previously given and together we will capture those beautiful happy memories forever. 

If you have any questions regarding the above or you would like to book a Newborn photography session please contact me.