Newborn Photography

"Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart" Winne the Pooh"

Newborn Photography experience
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Newborn photography will always be the most meaningful art you own it is about keeping those first few days fresh in your memory, so I want you to have the best experience possible. This is a time for you to relax and enjoy yourself while I capture your beautiful family in a natural and authentic way. My aim and style is to provide a relaxed and genuine session, so you can be assured that your photos will capture you as you really are.   These first days are so exciting together we can capture and freeze those special memories so you can be reassured you than them forever.  

I am sure you have loads of questions regarding the Newborn session hopefully I have tried to answer some of these for you below, however contact me if you would like more information I would love to hear from you.

Why Newborn Photography
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Their is nothing as perfect as the love between mother and baby, delicate fingers, pouty lips and button noses, the single foot held in the parents hand, the cuddles and the overwhelming love...  As you look forward to each new stage of your baby's life you will have the confidence that we have beautifully captured their earliest days. Together we can record those bespoke beautiful images which will have forever.

When is the best time to Photograph my baby?

This will depend upon many factors, so I am sensitive to your needs, I have worked with premature babies and last minute bookings, if I am available.  

Ideally I recommend that your new born session is scheduled anytime from 5–14 days after birth,  as this is when your Newborn is most sleepy,  although I do understand this is not always possible and I will work with you to arrange a suitable date at your convenience. 

I advise that you book your new born photography session after you have had your 20 week scan to work around your due date as close as possible. 

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My style of Photography

I work hard to ensure that I am in tune with you and your baby and will only position them in comfortable safe poses.  I love muted and pastel colour tones with handcrafted accessorises to enhance your images.  I choose my backgrounds, blankets, wraps and props to ensure we can create timeless, subtle images that will make your baby the main focus.  I do also have handmade headbands, bonnets, outfits, and beautiful hearts, cuddly animals source from all corners of the world to assist me to created those beautiful images.  I am always adding to my collection to ensure that your images are fresh.

Your unique photography session 

My Newborn photography experience is focused around you and your beautiful new family.  My main aim is to ensure that you fully enjoy your session in a relaxed environment.  From the first moment you make an enquiry I will ensure that you are provided with a unique tailored personal service around you and your beautiful family.

I offer you a free consultation, face to face in the studio over a cup of tea or if this is not possible via video call, email or messages.  This allows us to meet before your session, discuss your preferences, my style and plan your photography session together in a relaxed atmosphere.  I am sure you will have lots of questions before your session and I will make it my priority to answer your questions and I welcome you to share any information which will benefit your session

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Safety and comfort

My aim is to ensure that your babies comfort, safety  and well being, alongside yours, is of paramount importance to me throughout your session.

The session can last up to three hours.  Please be assured that you and your baby will never feel rushed but cherished throughout.  The session is completely led by your baby, I will ensure we are in tune with your babies needs and work at their pace.  If they need time to be settled, changed, feeding and basically giving them cuddles on the sofa then that is ok.  All of these will enable me to capture those special images.   I do provide you with beverages during the session to keep you hydrated.  Once your little one is settled, I will then handle your baby in a way they are most happy with this could be  naked, wrapped or clothed but this will all be discussed with you prior to your session and of course depending upon your little one. Hopefully it will be a combination of all of these but be assured that we will take as many breaks as needed to stay settled and happy.

After care

After your session I will get to work on selecting the best images from the day and retouch them as proofs for your viewing. This process takes approximately two weeks and I will contact you when they are ready.  This is the first time you will see your images after your session so I will invite you back into the studio in a relaxed, and stress free comfortable environment.  I will be on hand to assist and advice you on products available for you to display your images. I will also provide you with a unique, secure online gallery for you to view and share your images with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home.